The Genie_ITA

The new kid on the block


  • Monocoque body made of 3CR12 stainless steel
  • Exterior grade epoxy polyester powder coating
  • Complete trailer seam sealed
  • Protective polyurethane underbody coating
  • 900kg axle with leaf springs
  • AL-KO overrun brake with surge coupler
  • Jockey wheel
  • Tare: +/- 260kg (without nosecone)
  • ATM/GTM: 750kg
  • 2x 14” steel rims with M/T tyres 215/75R14
  • 1x spare wheel
  • 3x doors, container type locking bars & hinges in 304 stainless steel
  • 2x fender boxes
  • All doors with automotive door rubber seals
  • Aluminum stone guards
  • Mudflaps


Trailer Options

  • Aluminium roof rack
  • Aluminium nosecone with 80/20 compartment


  • 13 pins trailer plug
  • 220V CEE and solar inlet socket
  • LED rear trailer lights


Electrical Options

  • HcDP MK3 Battery Management System

LiFePo4 battery ready, 220VAC 12VDC 20A 3-state battery charger, 12VDC 20A DC to DC battery charger, digital battery monitor, under-voltage battery protector, 12V Brad Harrison output socket, 12V Hella output socket, 12V cigarette lighter output socket, 220VAC power cord, input connector for car and solar, integrated 330W MPPT solar charge controller

  • 105Ah deep cycle battery
  • Solar panel, 150W, fold-up (monocrystalline, ETFE surface)
  • Solar panel, 200W, fold-up (monocrystalline, ETFE surface)


  • Kitchen pantry cupboard, shelves adjustable


Storage Options

  • Rear drawer, 180mm deep on Teflon slides
  • Rear drawer 180mm deep, full extension slide rated 180kg
  • Slide base for fridge, full extension slide rated 180kg
  • Canvas caddy for the door on each side and the rear door


  • Dometic 2 burner gas stove mounted in kitchen drop down door
  • 1x 68ltr water tanks (fits underneath the rear drawers, loose, not installed)
  • 60ltr or 90ltr National Luna dual-zone aluminum fridge/freezer