I come from Switzerland where being outdoors was part of growing up.

We had walks in the forest, hiking, camping and of course just sitting around a campfire at night. My job has taken me to over 30 countries over the last 20 years and South Africa has certainly made the greatest impression on me.

The beauty and diversity of the landscape prompted my move to Cape Town. I wanted to explore and conquer Africa. Dressed in my safari suit, I set off on my travels with my wife and daughter but soon realised that the African landscape is unpredictable at the best of times and the terrain rugged and hard.

I needed a trailer that could handle the rough terrain and yet be comfortable enough for my daughter, who is afraid of darkness and anything that crawls, and my wife, a real city slicker, to come and enjoy the great outdoors with me.

The search led me to Metalian Trailers.

The trailer is engineered to cater for all of our needs and the design is outstanding. The inside is fully customizable which was a great selling point for my wife. The mini-kitchen area includes a stove, fridge, enough packing space and more. The bed is extremely comfortable, high enough to dodge the creepy crawlies, yet spacious enough for our daughter to join us if she feels cold or scared. The tent is also extendable if in future she wishes to invite a friend along. The trailer was a great investment and makes our outdoor travels so much more special as a family.

The experiences with our own trailer pushed me towards negotiating with Metalian to become an agent for the brand. They agreed and I am proud to be the principal for Metalian in Europe and Switzerland and to bring a tiny piece of South Africa, a country close to my heart, to Europe.


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