The Best Off-Road Trailer You Will Ever Own.

Monocoque Design

Metalian uses a monocoque design, which increases overall stability, road handling and increases the internal volume of the trailer, which allows for extra packing space.

3CR12 Stainless Steel

Metalian trailers are manufactured out of 3CR12 Stainless Steel (Body, Doors, and Drawbar etc) which offers excelent corrosion resistance and strength for low weight.

Camper Trailer of the Year 2019

In 2019 the best trailers in the world were put to test in Australia and the Metalian Parthian Trailer took home the crown. The judges were absolutely blown away by the lightweight, rugged qualities of the Parthian and of course the look. It’s the best trailer to take on any road…anywhere in the world.



The new kid on the block

The Genie is the lightest and most compact trailer of all Metalian trailers. With a total weight of 750kg, the Genie is the perfect companion for owners of small vehicles with a category B license. The Genie also has a monocoque body and the usual storage space. Pack everything you need and enjoy the freedom!


Light, compact, minimalist

The Bowhunter is a light and compact Metalian trailer. It is robust, agile and comfortable. Suitable for all vehicles, the Bowhunter offers space for a roof tent, a refrigerator, fresh water, a kitchen and more despite its small dimensions. A loyal companion who lets you escape from everyday life. Become an adventurer!


The Golden middle

The Parthian is the perfect middle ground. A little bigger than the Bowhunter, but still agile and agile. Like its little brother, it offers all the amenities and is a guarantee to spend unforgettable days outdoors with the whole family. It was not for nothing that it won the Australian event “Camper Trailer of the Year” in 2019. Make dreams come true!


Family, space saver, comfort

The Maxi is the largest of our four models. It offers space for a 90L fridge /freezer, 130L fresh water tank and a kitchen for all your needs. As with all Metalian trailers, the storage space is well thought out, so that you can experience a great, comfortable and adventurous journey with the whole family. Glamping, let’s go!